The Back Story

What are
Baton Lists?

Baton Lists™ are about changing lives by helping as many people as possible live to pass the baton forward. This inspiration came from the most abrupt life change I ever experienced.

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In one single afternoon, I found myself responsible for raising two little girls as a single dad. My bucket list dreams were history. I would not be living the single life in a beach front condo in Baja.

Early one morning shortly after this life surprise, I awoke with a vision of a high school track buddy, Johnny Byers. Johnny was poetry in motion in the relay race baton hand-off. Over the next few days, the realization dawned that although my bucket list was history my new circumstances had given me something of much greater worth, a baton list. I would no longer be passing through to pass away. I would live to pass the baton.

If you look, you will find in my writing on Instagram, Facebook, and Medium, more epiphanies and other things that I am passing along in hopes you will find them worthwhile. But for the future of the Baton Lists platform, I have great hopes. Baton Lists™ is a social media platform where we can all discuss how we make our best baton hand-off so that those who receive our batons may benefit greatly. Whether considering your estate or building your business to have a strong line of succession in management, the list goes on. As I learned in so many great experiences discussing this epiphany as it became a talk for the first time, baton lists are relevant for everyone.

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